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Badge Info Pack

  • The design was entirely influenced by the feedback of Cityzens supporters over a 30-day consultation period.

  • The consultation process, which began in October, sought to establish whether, and if so how, fans would like to badge to be evolved. It also sought to gauge which symbols supporters considered most authentic; reflective of the Club; and representative of the City of Manchester itself.

  • The consultation process revealed an overwhelming desire amongst its Cityzens to evolve the badge, with a round design, as used in two of the Club’s three previous crests, emerging as by far the most popular shape. Only one third of supporters were keen to retain the existing badge shape.

  • Unsurprisingly, by far the most popular colour was blue (94%) followed by white (68%). The most popular symbols in order of preference by fans were:

    • the Manchester ship (85%) which has appeared on all three of the club’s previous badges and symbolises the city’s trading links and its global outlook

    • the three rivers (67%) - the Irwell, Medlock and Irk - the lifeblood of the city, featured on Manchester’s coat of arms and which have featured on two of the club’s three previous badges

    • the red rose (60%) from the original Manchester coat of arms and one of the club’s past badges, symbolising the Club’s early heritage and historic connection with Lancashire

  • All three symbols are integral to the new design and contained in an evolved version of the current shield - larger and with a flatter-top, echoing that of the Manchester Coat of Arms. It touches the outer ring to bring modernity to the overall badge and to allow the shield to stand alone as a recognisable symbol in its own right.

  • Notable feedback from Cityzens included a keenness to see more than just the Club’s initials in the badge. Consequently ‘Manchester’ and ‘City’ are prominently displayed in stand out text on a white outer ring as featured in the club’s last round badge.

  • For the first time, the year of the club’s foundation – 1894- is included in the design, featuring on the outer ring. A simple, but visible reminder of the club’s long-standing heritage and constancy.

"I have been so impressed from the outset with the club’s approach to this entire badge project. There are not many clubs that would seek fans’ views on such a central issue and there are even fewer, if any, that would then commit to respond so faithfully to the feedback received. The Club have listened, presented the information impartially and have responded appropriately. Not only have they reacted to the fact that the majority wanted to return to a round badge, they have also ensured that the three most favoured symbols as fed back by the fans have been included. On a personal level, I love the new design. It just feels right." Kevin Parker, General Secretary of the Official Supporters Club

"This Club knows how important its heritage is to its fans and it has ensured that those fans being consulted were fully aware of the history behind its previous symbols and I was privileged to play a part in that process with my lectures. I am most pleased that what has emerged, is a badge that can be described as a modern original – a badge that is authentic to the club and to the city, but with future facing touches. It respects and echoes badges that have come before it, but is not a pastiche of them. Personally I am also thrilled that for the first time, the club’s birthdate is featured. What a perfect statement about how long this club has been around and how far it has come." Gary James, Manchester Football Historian

"They have given us our badge back. I am delighted." Noel Gallagher, City Fan

"What I find particularly pleasing is how much the words Manchester and City stand out on this badge. With the inclusion of three evocative regional symbols of the ship, the rivers and the rose, there is no doubting that is a badge that is heavily tied to the city in which it resides and to which it has given so much." Howard Bernstein, CEO Manchester City Council

"I am really looking forward to wearing it. It’s something new. This is what I love about this club and the journey I have been on since I’ve been here. There have always been new and exciting things and every one of them positive. It’s no different with this badge. I think it’s great." Joe Hart, Goalkeeper (longest serving Manchester City player)

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