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MCFC Website Product Release Statement

The new Manchester City FC website is here After months of research, planning and development we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website,, showcasing ambitious new features that underline the Club’s commitment to innovation, fan engagement and participation. We’re entering a new era, embracing the changing habits of a booming social and highly mobile audience, and are excited to launch this fresh digital experience for our rapid-growing fan base nationally and across the globe. Back in March we released a Beta site and invited supporters to test out the new site and share their feedback with us, we received hundreds of survey responses and comments from a range of different fans. Combined with many rounds of user testing this has enabled us to build in alterations and improvements, making the site more intuitive and easier to use. What you see today is a culmination of this co-creation – a site that caters for the needs of all fans, responds to the weekly and seasonal rhythms of the football club, celebrates the highs of our teams and records the story of Manchester City. Discovery Quenching the fans’ thirst for all things MCFC, we've redesigned the site to make our content easier to find and delivered it within a reimagined navigation and instinctive new layout. Whether fans have followed the team for generations or are discovering City’s story for the first time, we’ll help them pick what to read or watch from what’s breaking and trending, as well as providing rich material from our extensive archives. One site, one experience Designed with mobile use at its heart, fans will now have a consistent, streamlined experience across all devices. The site will respond to the fans’ needs, delivering the right subject matter and interactions within the right context – at any time. Fans will be able to access all content in any situation whether it requires a swipe, tap or a click. City Now We've created City Now – a feed providing a continuous stream of what’s happening at the Club. Updates are frequent for fans seeking quick, real-time news, opinions, and social highlights, all delivered in an easy to browse experience. For mobile, City Now can be used as your homepage to satisfy the need for the latest and most update City stories that matter most to each individual fan. CityTV There will be more video content than ever before and we’ve introduced a number of features to make our CityTV offering richer. Our editors will curate playlists based on fresh ideas and themes, delivered alongside a host of recommended, popular and recent videos. We’ve also added more dynamic categories allowing fans to filter what they want to watch based on their mood or how much time they have available. And if they don’t have time to watch the video right away, fans can earmark videos for later viewing. Storytelling We've rethought how to tell the big and the small stories in compelling ways and the site offers an abundance of reading and watching methods whether fans want to keep up-to-date with all four City teams (Men’s First Team, Women’s First Team, EDS & U18) or simply be entertained. Scroll-based browsing through articles and the persistent video player guarantees an effortless browsing experience intended to showcase a single news story as it evolves or coverage of the Club’s key topics. Match Day Mindful of the natural peaks of activity around matchday, we’ve designed a homepage layout that adapts to the various match phases, from the excitement of build-up to matchday live through to post match reaction, complementing the fan’s mind-set at any time. Fresh Design Finally, of course we’re giving fans a new design, featuring our new badge, and in which images, videos and content are all optimised for best performance. Our Club partners are now better integrated, plus there is lots of care and attention for the finer details too.

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